Powerful Professional Sound Reinforcement

Of all the achievements JBL has made over the years, the VTX V-Series stands as a milestone in the practical application of creative engineering because of their high levels of performance, system integration and user friendliness—and years of high profile tours, festivals, and installations can attest to that fact. The V-Series evolved from JBL’s continued effort to deliver more powerful, more compact, lightweight and flexible sound reinforcement systems for portable and fixed-venue system operators alike.

Beyond multiple patents in driver, waveguide and suspension technology, complete VTX V-Series systems also draw upon technologies, expertise,
and integration from the entire range of HARMAN Professional brands for amplification, DSP, control and system management—not to mention our high performance engineering support—the human factor and technical tools that are key to the proper specification and configuration of the V-Series systems in any venue, anywhere in the world.

VTX V-Series combines legendary JBL sound quality together with tuning, networking and control into and efficient, intelligent and truly elegant system solution for live entertainment.
At the heart of VTX is the D2 Dual Driver, a revolutionary device developed by JBL that dramatically improves the sound and performance of high frequencies. D2 overcomes the limitations of conventional compression driver technology: limited high frequency extension due to mass of the diaphragm and voice coil, and distortion characteristics that arise due to dome breakup modes.

Merging two compression drivers into a single, compact transducer with a single acoustical output, the D2 Dual Driver utilizes two voice coils, each with its own lightweight, polymer, annular diaphragm, its own magnet assembly, and its own specialized phasing plug. Instead of the large and ‘heavy’ single voice coil metal dome diaphragm of conventional compression drivers, D2 is driven by two light but strong voice coils, two motive ‘forces’ instead of one, acoustically connected to a single exit chamber.

The two annular polymer diaphragms have the same radiating area as a conventional single dome, and overall output and power handling are dramatically increased due to the lower moving mass and enhanced heat transfer obtained with two separate voice coils.

The result is a compact compression driver with dramatically improved efficiency, power handling, smoother, extended high frequency response and significantly lower levels of nonlinear distortion. Well-validated by objective measurements, D2’s performance has also gone through exhaustive subjective listening tests, demonstrating its superior sound quality compared to traditional metallic, mono structure drivers. D2 provides an extreme output advantage over conventional systems with significantly higher array power density. Compared to a conventional system, the D2 has double the number of voice coils and more than double the power handling, but with a 30% reduction in weight. This results in a dramatic increase in pure high frequency sound pressure levels in the same physical footprint.
The low distortion, high output design of the 2169H 8" mid-range transducers ensures superb fidelity and articulation for critical mid-range frequencies. The VTX V25 system’s mid-range drivers employ JBL’s exclusive Differential Drive technology for lower weight and higher output. The highly efficient cooling characteristics of the mid-range drivers ensure lower operating temperatures, greatly improved power compression characteristics, dynamic headroom and lower harmonic distortion.

The 2267H was specifically-designed for VTX V25 and has the same motorstructure as employed in the 2269H 18" transducer featured in both G28 and S28 subwoofers. The result? Four-inch diameter, dual voice coil, dual magnet transducers with industry-leading AES 2 hr power handling of 2000 Watts. Combined with uncompromised Crown power amplification, VTX V25 low section output is unequalled in its class and G28, S28 subwoofers provide a solid foundation for high impact, very low frequency reproduction.

JBL’s patented Radiation Boundary Integrator combines the high frequency and mid-range sections of the VTX V25 so the transition across each band is uninterrupted, undistorted and seamless. A patented, tuned resonant-chamber is integrated into the waveguide itself, effectively eliminating throat-related cancellations due to back pressure from the mid-range section. VTX’s refined RBI waveguide implementation provides improved horizontal coverage - broader and more stable.

VTX V25 is fitted with JBL’s precision-engineered 3rd generation HF waveguide technology producing a properly time-aligned, coherent high frequency wavefront that maximizes the combined output of three D2 Dual Drivers. While producing a wavefront that is sufficiently flat to couple properly at extreme high frequencies, the active radiating surface area extends to the edge of the enclosure, thereby ensuring optimized vertical coupling even when enclosures are tightly-wrapped at 10 degrees.
VTX’s patented S.A.F.E. suspension system is streamlined for speed and efficiency with improved hardware for faster setup with fewer pinning operations and greater security. A custom-designed protective cover and dolly makes transport easy and the suspension process fast, efficient and safe. Vertical Transporters are also available allowing for transport of four V25 enclosures or three S28 enclosures in either front-firing or cardioid mode.

All suspension hardware is integrated into the enclosure and strategically-positioned for fast and secure operation. Front flip hinges and captive rear hinge bars utilizing a unique Angle Stop Mechanism (ASM) allow for efficient assembly that is not only secure, but antirattle. Also included is provision for mounting a Laser Sighting Module accessory for greater ease and precision in array focus and system tuning.
A SIMPLE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS in modern audio technology is to employ the best engineers using the best methodology and tools, and always develop from the ground up—a formula that JBL has perfected for over 70 years. The result is a prolific list of audio achievements, groundbreaking technologies, revolutionary advances in the art and science of professional audio, patents and awards—many of them. It’s a journey that is legendary worldwide and has positioned JBL as the world leader in professional audio.

Not just as a brand, but as a company known for consistently blending creativity and science, which is simply a manifestation of our passion for sound and our commitment to those who create it. Purposeful invention is no accident. It requires leadership, persistence and an unfaltering commitment to JBL’s ultimate design goal: create the best tools for better, more accurate sound.

With the VTX Series you are not just using a product, you are gaining access to an expert system. Tools for system design and all the components to analyze, configure, set up and control a VTX system are all part of the JBL commitment to total system integration and support. The goal is maximum efficiency and the highest possible level of performance in any venue, anywhere in the world.
In addition to designing the most sophisticated sound reinforcement system available, JBL Professional provides the expertise to achieve the maximum performance possible. Our 65+ years of expertise in the use of systems in venues around the world is an invaluable resource that is at the core of our training curriculum, helping you to maximize both the use and your investment in the VTX System.

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