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JBL On-Site Workshops
Have you recently purchased a system or are you considering it and would like to get some hands on experience with one of our trainers? Get in touch!
JBL VTX 2-Day Workshops
In this two day intensive, you will learn how to implement A12, A8 and other VTX systems with great success. We touch on everything from the JBL software eco-system, networking, iTech amplifiers, rigging, verification and optimization.
Fixintogetmixin Workshop
Brad Divens, current Enrique Iglesias and renowned FOH engineer, loves nothing more than having an opportunity, to sit down with engineers of all levels to share his love for the art of the mixing process.
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Our Team
We are proud to have a growing, global team of dedicated, industry-experienced professionals who are our certified VTX trainers. All of our team members are well versed in how our VTX Training program is designed, and teach the training with an underlying understanding of how our customers and systems technicians work every day in the field.